Friday, January 26, 2007

Living in London

It's funny,,
it was my dream,
to live somewhere else away from Jedddah
(for a while)
and now, i'm there
i'm living my dream,, in London
the cold weather
the multicolored people
the great cafes all around the street
the underground
Marks & Spencer food hall (it's a must see)
the british accent of the professors in college
and ofcourse; Krispy Cream Donughts
It's an experience to live;
not to be told about.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Bridezilla Honeymoon

I have read different articles on the reason behind calling the "Honeymoon" by that name. Some of them says that it was given that name after some old European habbit of the bride and groom drinking honey for a whole month after their wedding to give them strength and good health (I agree with that, you need all the strength you can have,,, krkrkrkrkrk)

Back to me, I was so happy I had my honeymoon planned the right way. We went to the Maldives for the first 6 days then to dubai for another 5 days. So we had the relaxation and romance for the first week then the shopping and social life for the 2nd half. It was perfect!
Thank God nothing terrible happend during the honeymoon. Because sometimes i keep hearing about these awful honeymoons with all kinds of awful surprizes such as lost luguage and terrible sicknesses. Thank god!

The Maldives is paradise on erth! The nature, the colors of the sea, the service, and ofcourse the seafood. Check out the 4 seasons: we've been to both resorts. It was like a fairytale!
Dubai was also very entertaining; meeting my husband's lebanese friends from college, shopping, and clubbing. Very energetic; kind of a total shift from the Maldives

In the end, although we had quiet a short honeymoon, but I still think it was the best. Many stories to tell and many unforgetable memories.
Hope you all can have one as great as mine.
Miss you !

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The End of Bridezilla

(I'm so sorry you guys, I know that this post is like a 2 weeks late, but you know, i'm a bride and all that so you gota forgive me right?)

The wedding is over!
Here are some of my thoughts on it:

I was so overwhelmed by my feelings the week before the wedding which made it very difficult for me to sit down and blog about it.
They were mixed feelings; happyness, sadness, regret, love, longing, stress, and comfort.

The wedding day itself had passed peacefully. I was convincing my self not to cry on that day because I promissed myself that nothing would bother me that day and I kept my promise.

During the wedding, and while i'm at the zaffa, on the kousha, or dancing with my friends, I was just looking around me and telling myself: "This is not my wedding! it can't be! is it really my wedding?"

For the last 2 weeks of the honeymoon i kept having those flashbacks of the wedding; the faces of the poeple, the flowers, the music, and the pictures we took. Such memories drew a smile on my face.

In the end, I would like to thank all of those who helped me to make this day so amazing. My friends and family; thank you for your support, love, and believing in me.

I'm no longer a Bridezilla
I'm a wife!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Diaries Of Bridezilla
Episode 4: Al '3omra

If you are from the Hejaz region or you have Madeni origins then you would be familiar with the term" '3omra" or "Lelat al 7ena" for other Saudi regions. It is the night where the family of the bride gather at the bride's house before the wedding to show the gifts they brought her and to celebrate her getting married.
That is the old tradition for that night. Nowadays, things have changed a bit. Such an event has become so popular and "trendy" even between non Madeni poeple. It also has become such large parties where lots and lots of money is spent on flowers, food, zaffafat, and costumes.
Speaking of costumes, on that night the bride to be has to wear a special thobe- pink or fushia- that is decorated with gold threads and pearls.
Another thing about this costume is that nothing has to show from the bride; not her body or face. and one more thing; the costume is so damn heavy!
In the old days, and honoring the bride to be, her family didn't allow her to walk on the floor so they force her to walk on tiny chairs. Two chairs are used for this process; when the bride fully steps on one, they put the next chair infront of her to step on and remove the former. Interesting to see ha?

You may be asking yourself how come i know so much about such a thing ( apart that i am originally from Madina) is because My '3omra was just last night.
And yes; i wore the heavy thobe, and wore the funny thing on my head, walked on the chairs and had to listen to very noisy zaffafat.
it's a once in a life time experience.
you either do it or you don't.
Honoring my Madeni Background; I chose to do it.

(Oh come on girls, it was fun wasn't it?)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Diaries of Bridezilla
Episode 3: I'm leaving!

AaaaH! only 13 days left to the wedding
time is passing by so quickly and I feel there's alot to do;
I want to spend more time with my father to tell him how much i'm going to miss him
I want to be with my friends a bit more for I will miss our gatherings
I want to sleep more in my room, for i'm going to leave it for good
I want to buy gifts for everybody who have helped me through planning this wedding
I want to go visit all my favourite spots around jeddah just one more time, to say goodbye.

I can't believe I'll be missing my friends' weddings, new borns, family gatherings, and Jeddah's social events.
I though i couldn't stand it anymore, but it's funny how it turns out that I will miss the events I have been complaining about the most.

I think this is us humans; you don't realize what you have until you loose it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Diaries of Bridezilla: Passing Thoughts

Milka, katb al ketab, 3aqd al qeran
are all names for the same turning point; where you don't feel gulity doing "stuff" with your man any more.

God!! What a relief!

It's funny how after you get to this point, a different kind of pleasure is experienced.
It's pure pleasure with no voices in the back of your head telling you "you shouldn't be doing this" or "you shouldn't be enjoying it" when you really want to.

So to all of you girls and boys who did not get to try such pleasure; May God grant you all the perfect spouses

and BTW, you're missing alot!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Diaries of Bridezilla: Episode 2
Oil Treatments At Dessange: A Bride's Way Out!

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! I love my hair!"
This is exactly the expression you get after you are done from your oil treatment session at Jacques Dessange. For those of you who are not familiar with Monsiuer Dessenge- male readers- it is a place where woman usually go in feeling ugly, and go out feeling extremely gorgouse.

Wether a woman gets her hair blow dried, colored, her nails manicured, her brows shaped, or her legs waxed, she always feels that amazing vibe of femenism and that unbelievable boost of self confidance.
So God bless Mr. Dessange wherever he is now for creating such a place and for adding such an amazing service to his superb collection: Oil Treatments.

The session starts with a neck massage; and I can't describe how good that feels after a stressful day jammed with arguments with your mother or with your viance. With every stroke you forget one more problem that was bothering you for the past week.

After the neck massage it's time for the oil sculp massage;; wOw! You can never feel any better with such a sculp massage that eases away all the tension in your brain and helps you release all those negative thoughts of not getting married any more.

Then, a cold mask is put over the hair to sooth the sculp and moisture the hair. The mask stays on your head for around 30 mins. and then it's rinsed out.
The rinsing part is very important too. They place you on a massage chair while washing your hair with hot water and cold water simultaniously to boost the blood circulation. A little bit more of face massage never hurts .
The most important factor in all of this process is ofcourse Sa3deya; The lovely 7abashia who have those magic fingers and does wonders to my hair. God bless you Sa3deya and bless your golden fingers! A 10 SR tip is never enough for your great work.

Bridal advice: If you decided to pamper yourself before your wedding, take the whole package of 4 sessions and a 5th one free only for 1000 SR. It's worth it!
and don't forget to ask for Sa3deya ; )

Next Episode: The Kousha with the Jumping Budget!

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